img_20161103_121945528Hi there, welcome to my humble blog about my life.  Or maybe not so humble at times.  I suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury on top of multiple major injuries throughout my life.  I have suffered in many ways on many fronts, I am in fact not expected to live a long life from the extent of my injuries.

I am writing this blog to try to remember who I really am, I try to write no more than 1000 words a post as that is all my mind can handle right now from the pain.

One day when I feel well enough I will make this into a book so my son knows who I was and how this all happened to us.  So he can understand how our lives changed so drastically, slowly being written here.

The above picture is of my beloved creek, I have spent 40+ years playing in it, I think The Golden Canopy gives a good idea of my love for the place.  I used to ride my bike through this full speed, now I am unable to walk it alone.  The top picture is my son Aidan and Myself.

For the faint hearted, I am a say it as I think it person and my writing style reflects this, for the couple friends that know I am doing this, they say this is exactly how I speak.  I do not really edit my work, just check for some basic spelling mistakes, but I leave most of it how it comes straight out of my mind onto the screen.  Raw me.

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One Step Forward, Two Back

When is enough, enough?  I sit here in tears right now, just stunned by what has just gone on in the last 24 hours.  With everything else I am dealing with I had a seizure yesterday. What is amazing is my “head therapist” and I have so many I actually mean my therapist that deals … Continue reading One Step Forward, Two Back

Once Insane, Got No Brain

Well how to begin telling people that your brain is busted for good, broken down and no longer working right.  To be honest, with all I have faced it is done very bluntly and usually of late done with a lot of yelling. As some of you know, and those that don’t go read my … Continue reading Once Insane, Got No Brain

401 Toronto Scouts Troop

My son has started his journey in the Scouts program.  He is the 4th generation to have done so.  My grandfather started back in Scotland I guess before the true Scouts program began, but the exact same concept none the less.   The point of this is to show we are a true Scouts family.  Multiple … Continue reading 401 Toronto Scouts Troop

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