img_20161103_121945528Hi there, welcome to my humble blog about my life.  Or maybe not so humble at times.  I suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury on top of multiple major injuries throughout my life.  I have suffered in many ways on many fronts, I am in fact not expected to live a long life from the extent of my injuries.

I am writing this blog to try to remember who I really am, I try to write no more than 1000 words a post as that is all my mind can handle right now from the pain.

One day when I feel well enough I will make this into a book so my son knows who I was and how this all happened to us.  So he can understand how our lives changed so drastically, slowly being written here.

The above picture is of my beloved creek, I have spent 40+ years playing in it, I think The Golden Canopy gives a good idea of my love for the place.  I used to ride my bike through this full speed, now I am unable to walk it alone.  The top picture is my son Aidan and Myself.

For the faint hearted, I am a say it as I think it person and my writing style reflects this, for the couple friends that know I am doing this, they say this is exactly how I speak.  I do not really edit my work, just check for some basic spelling mistakes, but I leave most of it how it comes straight out of my mind onto the screen.  Raw me.


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Battle Worn

Well now all since my last post things have gotten far more intense for sure.  I was fired by my family DR of 30+ years.  He got the report from the neurologist I had a fight with that stated there is nothing wrong with me.  I am faking basically.  My DR fired me on the … Continue reading Battle Worn


Well here I am.  The TBI Warrior is born.  After now 14 months of no medical care and people ignoring my brain injury and my suffering, things have changed. I still have no lawyer, I did hire on a fantastic lady to take care of things, such as all my medical visits, legal issues that … Continue reading TBI WARRIOR


I doubt when people are born would they ever think their final days of their lives would be filled with pure grief and loneliness and suffering. I am 48 years old and I don’t think I have much longer to live now, at least what I would or most would call living anyways.  Each and … Continue reading Hurt

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