Who Am I?

Hi there everybody,

To say the least I am very new to blogging and running anything web related.  I am disabled, and I mess a lot of things up, including when I set up my blog site I spelled disability wrong…how many of you have had the same issues?

Now when I say I am disabled I have a created disability, by this I mean I was not born this way, I was created.  I was created by the uncaring work of the government-run program that oversees the care of injured workers.  Now this may mean little to many of you but to me it is huge.  I do not look disabled at all.  I look like an A-list athlete actually, and this is where I run into so much trouble.  People look at me and laugh in my face, offer all kinds of nasty words and actions to their disdain when I claim my injuries.

The hurt is real, the pain I feel is extreme.  Even my dearest friends have little understanding of my health problems.  I have lost a wife to this, my company is gone, some of my friends have turned their backs on me, or done worse.  The government run program to assist people with disabilities has discriminated against me, cut me off, refuse any of my medications, mobility devices, basic support I really need to survive.  The have mocked my health, done everything possible to see me fail, leaving me throwing up in fear wondering why I have blood pouring out my mouth from some form of gum disease, my poor son looking on in horror.  No help, you are cut off, you failed to show us proof of disability….I was told my bank statements are not allowed as proof, my case manager even had her boss contact me to tell me bank statements are not valid forms of proof….so with no way of showing my monies they of course cut my funding off.   When I finally get around to fighting this many months later as my health allows and other life matters slow down I get a meeting with my case manager and her boss….I bring up the fact that my bank statements were rejected as proof, the manager says why?  Who says? I tell my story about the fake boss calling me, and she says, there was no boss calling you, there are no notes, this did not happen.

I hope to talk about how I live in my blog, how I raise my son, I hope to show that living with a disability can be done, and have fun doing so.  Life is nothing but hard, but I must admit, when the good times are around, they are really good simply because I earned them, and I am with those that love me and really care about me.

I look forward to sharing videos of my rally driving, extreme biking, the hiking I do.  I wish to share the joy of my son with you all, as he gives me so much strength to continue my fight to live a good life, filled with as much fun as I have pain. I hope to share how I raise my son, as it sure is different from the normal way people raise their children. Sadly much of this will take a lot of time to make happen, I was in a bad car accident this past August, after a couple months of trying to tough the pain out, I found I could not.  In fact I found out I have a concussion, and my toughing things out are actually making things worse.  It seems that passing out in your own vomit is frowned upon in the medical field.  My bike and my sons bikes were destroyed in the accident as was my car, so most of the videos and pictures I will post will be older, my wood I had chopped and hidden away was found by the teenagers and used, I do not have the strength left right now to re cut it all.  So winter camp pictures may be limited this year.  I will forge ahead for the future though.

In time when I figure out how this all works, and if I get anybody that reads my stuff, I will add topics, allow readers to request topics for me to talk about…It seems I have a strong opinions on many things, right or wrong.  I hope I can bring some joy to peoples minds, some help in their quest to live happy, and some help in raising boys.


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