When Are You Disabled Enough?

Yup, I think a fair question in my eyes.  Do you have to have no use of your legs?  How about arms and legs?  That a good disabled person for you?  What about those that are mentally unable to survive?  They any good?

I ask the question simply because I am always not disabled enough.  I mean I am one of a small percentage that has Canada Pension Plan Disability payments, that is extremely hard to acquire this level of messed up.  But I am not disabled enough for the Federal savings program for disabled people…Huh?

I got booted out of the ODSP program, seems I was not bad enough for my case manager.  Everything I did was wrong, no matter what she asked for I could never provide good enough proof of just how disabled I was.  I guess because I don’t kiss ass I am not disabled enough?  Not sure, but this situation has cost me dearly.

Short story time I guess as this fits I feel.  So last year in 2015 around December, I get asked to provide proof of where my money was going.  I said sure thing, I am happy to again bring in bank statements to show you I say.  No sir I am told, we cant accept bank statements, you could be showing me an account with no activity.  I of course protest, as how else can you show proof?  So I get a call from her manager, or so this person claimed.  I was told that no sir, you could be dishonest and not be showing us the proper accounts and we would not know where your money was going.


Oh and sir it is not our job to tell you how to provide us the proof we want.  That is up to you to prove your need the money.


Well, I had a meltdown, throwing up from stress, and end up getting very ill.  Now, being cut off, I have no medical benefits, medications stopped, dental cut off.  And that hurt as during this time my mouth started spewing blood for unknown reasons.  My son has been freaking out since.  As I had no way to get antibiotics I had to suffer for several months from some serious lung infections, and even on the day of my car accident in Aug 2016 I had bronchitis.

I finally get a letter from ODSP about 6 months later telling me I have been cut off.  I ended up again booking a meeting with my case manager and her boss, the one I spoke with before, or did I?  In the meeting I bring up this manager that called me, and tell this new manager what happened.  She says no sir, this did not happen, there are no male managers and no notes.  Impossible.  Yet my girlfriend sitting right beside me had heard the original call and the original manager making these statements.

They finally cut all ties with me when I am just out of the hospital at home trying to recover, and as yet unknown to me, suffering from a brain injury, and really unable to move anywhere.  Good time to help a person?  Nope, get lost, don’t bother us anymore.

So, I am confused.  I have no ability to get anything from the people meant to help people like me.  The system has been set up to cause failure.

That is one example, how about this, my own Doctor keeps saying to me, you can walk in here, you can’t be that disabled, or have mobility issues.  I of course am stunned by this, as this is MY doctor, if MY doctor thinks like this, what hope do I have trying to get proper help in the medical community?  So what if I can walk into an appointment?  When for the day that could be all I am able to do.  Strange.  Maybe I should get wheeled in, drooling with fecal matter dripping down my leg.  Maybe that may get some attention.

So, what makes a disability?  Do you have to look a certain way?  Function a certain way?  Act a certain way?  I will likely never know, as I am too busy living life my way.  And I hope soon I can start talking more about stuff like that.

Maybe if this blog actually takes off, I may open peoples eyes to how much hurt they cause those in need of some actual help.  Superman had x ray vision, you don’t.  Even if you did they do not show up the damage some of us suffer from, so stop trying to judge, it makes you look stupid and upsets us.

I know this will ruffle feathers, and I don’t give a damn, but I sure envy those of you in wheelchairs at times.  Anybody can look at you and see you have problems, you have it easy that way, you don’t have to plead to be accepted as a person in need of a helping hand.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been expected to get up and move because somebody feels I am ok to stand, and I don’t really need to sit up front, or my car can park in the next lot over.  Lovely stuff.

Oh yes, one request for those of you in electric wheelchairs and mobility devices, scooters. Do you mind not yelling at people to get out of your way, and running into people?  Sometimes you hit people in more need than yourself, you just think you are the center of the universe cause you sit. You may not be, and when you hit somebody like me, it can cause some major issues, confusion, stress, injury.  Have some consideration for other people that you may not consider disabled but are.

Have fun people, Life is too short.  Talk again soon.


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