Wo, watch out, convict coming through, convict coming through…..Or at least that is what some will have you think.

Today I saved myself $ 4500 I do not have. I was going to loan it to my ex girlfriend to help her out.  She has no money, no family to help her anymore, they cut her off as well.  I had always felt that this woman was worth my time and effort.  She had been there for me before, to her best ability anyways.

But today was enough for anybody to call things off.  As you know, I am very ill.  I have been informed I am not allowed to get upset, and to make sure I do not allow people to get me upset.  I have hung up on people on the phone, walked out on them mid sentence when I need.  But sometimes you cant get away, sometimes things happen that well maybe others can walk away from but not me.  One of those things is when my son is getting picked on for no reason at all except he is every parents dream, but he is not theirs, but mine.

Today I had enough of my son being abused. Today my son told me how proud he was of me for sticking up for him.  As the police arrested me for assault.

I am ok with all this.  My son is proud of me as he knows how he was being treated.  When adults get so jealous of other people children and take it out on the child you have to know things are not quite right in that persons head.  Today I made the mistake of breaking up with my girlfriend in the Etobicoke creek I have spent so much of my life in.

Not only did I break up with her, I informed her I would no be giving her the money she needed to pay her rent, buy food, or any of the other things she has needs to do with not a penny.  I mean how many of you would put up with constantly getting yelled at, picked on, watch your child be abused, and not get upset.  How many times do you have to hear, I will do better, I am trying, and yet all they do is berate you, knowing this is medically harmful to me.

Funny how that the man again is the bad guy simply because a woman complains.  The man is arrested, the man get taken into the Toronto Police station, where I must admit, they treated me ok.  I spent 6 hours in a holding cell, my body frozen, in agony, I could not even get my cloths as procedure states I have to be left with next to nothing on me.  Mind you, the police did talk with me, crack jokes and even after the let me go, they stayed around talking to me until my ride came for me my ex wife, now that says a lot.  Not bad for a convict like me eh?

So now, I have a date in court over Christmas, yeah.  I have no girlfriend, but dont feel bad, all I need to do is pick up the phone and I can share my bed tonight….and I may.  The good out of this is, I no longer have somebody that said they loved me yelling and screaming at me all the time, chasing me around their home screaming at me even though my head was splitting open.  Making me feel like a piece of garbage.  I have no more females in my life.

To be honest, maybe I should change the name of the title to the blessed.  I think most of my friends I have spoken with already since my release have just shaken their heads and told me they will help all they can and be happy I lost no more.  Even the female police officer I had been talking with shook her head and said best for you.  No matter what, never go back to somebody like that, and for god sakes man,  you are on Government Disability, don’t give your money to any female for any reason. As they cant be trusted, and this is from a female police officer.

I mean hello folks, this is a person that broke my tablet giving it back to me in pieces, and she also threw out my medication.  That is love for you.  Oh yes, I wrote about those three nasty words before….now you understand me a little better I guess.

So, I am not a convict, or at least until this is taken care of in court.  Then I am sure I will be back to just a regular dad, only concerned with how my son is doing, and how I am doing.  Nothing more, nothing less.  The best part is, my son is thrilled this has happened, thrilled to be left alone with me again only.  So really all in all, looking at it from a different point of view….Christmas came early.



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