The Bad Week

Well, I guess the title should change a little.  Not a bad week anymore, a terrible month really.

My concussion symptoms are extreme, they come on extremely fast, but I can take care of them if given the chance fairly quickly now.  I do this when out alone or with my son, without any problems.

If given the chance and those people with me allow me the time I can deal with the brain without any issues at all.  Given the chance.

This month of November has been a nightmare.  The cold is starting to set in, this is terrible for me as it causes extreme pain. I had to change my Physiotherapy to a clinic that deals mainly in concussion issues.  That is both good and bad.  My new physiotherapist is new to me and my body.  She hurt me very bad and this has caused me some major issues now. My old physiotherapist Anna Maria understood the pain as she took all my information.  4 hours of verbal, and 4 days of hands on assessment.  She understood very fast just how bad my body is. Her care of me was very gentle and was working very well.

My new physiotherapist did not.  She is taking care of my brain well enough, but not my body.  This last Thursday she decided to test out how my body reacts to her style of physio,  even though I had my son with me, and she understood how I live for my son.  After the work done on me that Thursday I could not move.  When my son came off the school bus he was basically informed I am unable to play with him.  We were both heartbroken as we both live for our time together.

I spend that Thursday night in agony.  Unable to play with my son, sleep or enjoy anything at all.  Hoping the whole time that the next day, a day off school will allow me to move and do things with my son.  We had a great day planned in our creek.  We were going to spend the day enjoying ourselves. We hiked in with our food, I was going to make hotdogs on a campfire. The day was likely the last great day of the year.  In time I learned just how wrong I was on how great this day was to become.

We started out well, I took everybody to the teepee.  We had some time there playing and enjoying the fantastic weather.  But I was getting restless to move deeper into the creek and show off some trails the others had not been on yet.  I knew of another fort that I wanted to show the kids as I had in mind building with them their own fort.  To be their place to go and enjoy the forest, and feel that they are free just as I did as a child.

That is when things started to all go wrong.

My son whom I love more than anybody or anything in this world again got treated like trash for no good reason.  I decided to allow him to try to deal with this himself.  He certainly tried. But his words got lost as they held common sense and the thinking of a 6 year old.  When he was shouted down basically made to feel even worse for daring to say anything to the other child with us I decided to leave with my son and enjoy the day ourselves.

When we both got hungry enough we decided to go to our camp on the water itself and cook lunch.  I should have moved to another site and had lunch alone.  And we never did have our lunch, in fact I never ate that day period. The other party we were with were at the camp.

Now I am not sure about any of you, but for those that have children I am thinking you would feel the same as I do about your children.  You want the best for them, and you want to teach them the best you can.  After I had set the children off to get more firewood my girlfriend decided to argue with me yet again.  She made a tragic error that day, she told me my son can go ” fuck himself ” I did not mind hearing that about myself, I am afterall  full adult with years of experience of dealing with people that have issues with me. But to say that about a 6 year old child that has done nothing but try, done nothing but take a back seat to another child 3 years older in age but in fact a couple years younger than my son in reality.

In all the time I had spent trying to teach my girlfriend how to raise a boy to become a man I not once put her son down.  Not once did I say or do anything other than show where he needed to improve to become a fine man, this was well within his grasp if allowed.  All of our fights in fact were about my girlfriends son and how she raised him.  Never anything else in fact.

But on this day, my son, who has done nothing wrong was told to ”  fuck himself “…needless to say this did not sit well.  I broke up with my girlfriend on the spot.  Told her that she is on her own to figure out her life and how she will pay her rent.  That was my mistake of course.  I should have waited until we were safe.  But I am known for dealing with things as fast as possible.

Well, rocks got thrown at my head.  Not small stones, big rocks, if any had hit my head I would have been in serious trouble. Once able to I got control of the situation and ended the battle of the creek.  The police of course got called, of course I was not even spoken to, just arrested.  The bruises on my chest from getting hit by flying rocks meant for my head unseen, not cared about.  A woman complained about a man, the man must be arrested and thrown in jail.

I now must wait until December 28th to find out what is going to happen, meanwhile my month of hell continues.  I have to go through years of paperwork once fantastically filed in order, now a jumbled mess, I do not even know if all the papers are there.  My mind unable to process the work needed to sort them.  I am sure this will cause me further issues as some of that paperwork was very time sensitive.  If I miss my deadlines I am going to be unable to proceed with my  fights against the discrimination I have faced, now well into the legal battles.

What a terrible week.  Some may say I won my freedom from abuse.  I have heard that this situation was only my fault because of the concussion.  No chance any of this is on the ex’s side of course, never fault there, ever.  I will survive of course, I am known as the human cockroach.  It will take a lot to kill me fast, the injuries I have will kill me slow.

What a month.


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