Consequences To Our Actions

I think in life many people just have no care in the world for their actions and therefore pay no attention to the consequences.  Sadly I have seen again first hand how other people’s actions have grave consequences on me and my son.  I am paying the price this morning, and maybe my son in the near future.

Late last night my lawyer for my family court case got hold of me.  We have basically won this war after two and a half years of the most horrific experience of my life.  The other side wanted to make us a settlement offer and avoid the last court battle.

As I have known my lawyer for nearly thirty years, I have a great deal of respect for her and some fear, she is incredible at what she does. So I proceed to inform her of the actions that took place written in Convict  and prepared myself for what was to come.

Oh, I did not have long to wait at all, her email reply was swift and extremely painful, we are postponing our December 2 2016 final date.  This was less than three days away.  We had won, now I was just finding out just how much money I was going to get to live on. I was finally going to be free of the stress of being in court.

This was not an easy time in my life, I very briefly touched on this in some earlier writings, but it was supposed to be over, a new life begun.  I had to have this money in place for my son and I to be able to move into our new apartment.  The place right on my beloved creek, where I want to spend all my free time.

In one fell swoop, a moment of anger, lost tempers on all sides, and two persons lives could be changed for months on end.  Getting this money in place would have given me a chance to purchase a nice gift for my son for Christmas.  I had forgotten to put in the form for the Santa Claus Fund, so no nice toy gift for Aidan this year.  Just me doing my best to be his most favorite toy ever.

I would have finally been relieved of this burden of not having enough money to pay my bills, being forced to use my line of credit to survive.  I could have purchased a car so I can take my son where he needs to go.  He could have slept at my place on school nights again, I am not living currently in his bus nor school zone, the new place covered both.  We lose a lot of time together because of this, but I have turned this into a good learning lesson as I always do, things like this are teaching Aidan more than almost anything else I am teaching him.

I really need this money to be in place so I can have the cash flow stream the new property manager needs before I can rent at the new building.  They need to see I can afford to pay the rent, this makes sense.  With a very long wait list into this building, this could cost me months or a year or more.  My current landlord and I are at loggerheads with each other, I will write more on this in another blog.  But I need to leave ASAP.

I am teaching my son to never lie, cheat nor steal.  Think about this though, it is not easy is it?  Everybody does it in one form or another.  Our children learn this stuff through watching us their parents.

My friends just shake their heads when I tell them what is going on.  They all say how easy my life would be if I just change my story. Tell a lie, everybody does it.  Make life easier on yourself.  Why suffer for your values, what are they?  Man Ian, you are born in the wrong century.

Well I can tell you people, I think only my firm hold on my values and ethics my sense of honour keep me living as well as I am.  I don’t waver, and when the pain is so much, when I feel I can’t do anything more, I am able to reach down and get what I need to finish what I set out to do.  I may not do anything for a day or so after, but I never fear I can’t do.

A good example of this was this summer when on a hiking trip in bear country in the late afternoon, on what ended up being closed trail.  The trails wasn’t closed though when we set off.  Just a short journey we decided.  We extended our trip by what we thought another short loop, but the map was off a bit and the trail in horrible shape.  Dangerous in fact.  We did not know at the time but this was an expert walk, and a five hour walk at that.  We started out late afternoon with nightfall in under three hours. WE did make it out in the light, both my girlfriend at the time and myself relieved as night was coming fast.

We learned later on that the trail was closed by the park when we were hiking it as too dangerous.  I never for a moment had any fear on the hike, I never felt we could not get out.  I was worried that Christine would have problems with her knee, but we managed with the task.  My bad jokes and sense of humour leading the way, always ahead finding the trail, making sure that all the obstacles that ended up closing the trail were out of her way.  I would jog up a long ways to try and scout out a trail marker of any sort, jog back to make sure I was there to help at certain points.    Great times, and again, never a fear of my not being able to do anything once.

So now I am again waiting for others, life out of my hands again.  The consequences of the actions that took place the day my Sunshine and I ended our time together.  I am missing my son’s eye specialist this morning as well, no ability to get there.  It really is amazing how such silly events in our lives have such large consequences down the road, and how few people even understand this.  No wonder our world is changing for the worse, we the parents can’t show our children right from wrong, and the consequences to their actions.


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