Children’s Aid Again

Oh Joy oh Heavenly bliss, The Battle at the creek brings the Children’s Aid Society into my life again. Another tussle I guess, more time and stress on me, the consequences keep on coming.

I have had the CAS in my life before to be honest, my custody battle with my ex wife was ugly.  I never feared a thing, I raised Aidan from birth, my methods where not the norm, had produced a child that was unusual in every way. I must admit at the end my case worker and I got along great, she saw Aidan and fully understood my concepts.

But, and man don’t you know it, there is always a but isn’t there? The but was the managers, the people that made the decisions really.  Each and every time I was forced into a meeting at the CAS head office I shuddered.  I had to meet with the social engineers themselves.  This usually got to be entertaining to say the least, I really don’t have much of a back up gear before the accident, when I was right, I was never swayed to change my mind.

One famous example of my lack of care with the managers was this gem.  My son, tested before first year kindergarten at a grade three level, was being taken out of school too often.  The school he was getting into trouble at for being bored.  I was told that if I did not leave Aidan in class they would call the, get this, truant officer on me.  Ah yes, good times, a mighty FU came out of me and a long lecture on the needs of children to expand their minds, not just learn to sit in class getting into trouble.

Well, the CAS in the end backed off me, the courts themselves backed me, and the parenting coordinator wrote our parenting agreement based off of my concepts for Aidan.  She had met Aidan a couple of times, before doing this of course.  But I had spoken long about how I was raising Aidan the direction I expected him to go, and the values he was expected to live by to do this.

My parenting concept is now how Aidan is raised.  No deviation, no arguments.  Right now he is six and a half, just over 50 lbs of solid muscle with a full six pack of a stomach.  On top of this, he is learning French so fast he is now telling his teacher when she pronounces words wrong.  He does mental math addition and subtractions, in both languages, and I am starting in on Spanish.  He has full consequences for all his actions and pays the price when he messes up.  I allow him to mess up as long as no injury happens.  He learns better this way. He can speak well in two languages and is not shy,a total joy of a child and makes me proud to have him call me daddy.

Now again I guess I will have to defend myself and my way of being a parent.  I just hope that saner heads prevail this time around and this gets the attention it deserves.  A hello how are you, nice to meet you and we are done here.

So here we go again, no good deed goes unpunished.  I spend over a year trying to help another child become a solid young man.  Aidan did not very often complain, and when he did I took action to give him everything he needed and wanted.  Now I am apart from a woman I loved very much, for good and bad reasons, and my son says now how much he misses them.  He wishes we can go and visit and play.  I try to tell him we can’t until after Christmas, but he knows daddy can do everything and will figure it out.

What he can’t of course understand is the fact that you can never go back to the way things were.  How things were is gone, times have changed.  The care may be there, but not the trust, not the level of patience that was once abundant.  You can only bang you head so often until you realize it hurts.  Now at my age and deteriorated health, I find it hurts a lot earlier than it used to.  There is nothing left over for other people’s silliness anymore.

Well, I guess I have spent enough time on this, it is time to start my day, take a long hot shower to warm up my muscles, then start my brain therapy.  Once I have dealt with the headaches that will come, I will start my physiotherapy. Just basic stretching is all I am allowed right now, but better than nothing. I find when I don’t stretch out, I suffer greatly now.

I still don’t know if the car will be ready for today or not.  I don’t have a way at the moment to get to the bank to get the money I need, nor to the shop where the car is.  I figure I better not worry, no point.  I have enough on my plate to deal with already.

I am starting to think though, that I may just manage to make it through all this, a bunch of things missed and messed up for sure, but I can live with that.  Cost of doing business I guess.  I really don’t see anything at all to worry about with the Children’s Aid Society sticking their noses into my life again.  So I will try to enjoy my day, and hope that it is the last one without a car and the ability to live life the way I want to live it.


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