Mobility = Freedom

I have a vehicle again. This may mean little to you, but it is huge for me.  After 4 months with no car, no ability to get out and go if I wanted, I have some freedom again.

I live in Mississauga a city that was made for the car.  Now living the way I do with so much pain, concussion symptoms that come on far too fast, legs that sometimes just give out because the day ended in a Y.

A Must have. I am actually unable to take a bus because of the jarring motion.  The pain that caused me just made me walk instead.  I would walk for an hour for a 20 minute physio appointment then walk home that hour again over taking a bus. The pain from that was easier to take then the pain caused by a bus trip.

I find walking in the woods ok, I can walk a fairly long way, I guess the cushion effect of the dead leaves and needles.  Walking on the sidewalk or a grocery store or superstore  idea, man, I rather just stay at home instead.  I will go off hours, late night, early morning, anything but with a crowd.  I don’t work anyways, so why not.

I guess I have enough work on my hands anyways.  I have my son to raise, cook for, train in sports and education, life, everything you need to get by as an adult.  Not the crap they teach at school.  The school dislikes me a great deal, Aidan’s teacher won’t even talk with me, I have him so advanced in everything they have nothing to teach him.  and of course they can’t possibly change THEIR methods to account for one child, you can’t expect that can you Mr. McLeod?

Oops. Sorry folks, off on a tangent about school, I will do a blog on that one day, try to remind me, I do tend to forget this stuff.  This blog is about mobility and the freedom it offers.

So with a car again, and I guess I am trending towards being an anxiety filled person for little reason, once behind the wheel and I changed gear to first and took off, like riding a bike people, just like riding a bike.  Now I will learn my new car, I look forward to see how it acts.  What its temperament will be like, forgiving or very unforgiving of mistakes.  I have little time before the snows hit to learn if there is understeer or not.  My bum is telling me I need to have it balanced for sure, and the brakes need looking at, they are not up to my standard.  But I think we will get along very well indeed, my new car and I.

Now I need to find a new co driver, maybe after December 28th I am allowed to open my mouth again to certain people.  Maybe we can talk about certain things again.  We shall see how that day goes of course.

I now need to take the car in to have it inspected by my guys, they know what I want safety wise in the car, so I am sure the brakes will be replaced again, the lines bled other little things to make the car a bit safer for my son Aidan to ride in.  Cosmetic wise, I need to have a section cut out and replaced, some minor body work for such an old car.  Typical work for a Subaru.  Same area they always seem to rust in.

Ahh, first things Saturday morning when I wake up, I am going grocery shopping.  I want to get some food, junk food, pop, plenty of it, chips, oh, maybe 10 bags.  mmm, ice cream of course, that is a perfectly good food group.  I am sure there is some other type of food I will need, but I can get good fresh foods from a local market I prefer.  I do without the junk food from the market, highway robbery what they charge.  I will save the money for the car by buying my foods this way in a year or 2 tops.  I do love my junk food.  Yeah, that is right, 6 ft, 175 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal 🙂 no serious, go look at my pictures, that is me.

That is also why I am so excited about my new car,  can get back up to my beloved creek.  My son is excited about that concept very much as well.  I can go hiking in there, find a new base camp and have my fires again.  I already know of another water hole for Aidan and myself to swim in next year.  It is deep enough for me to not be able to touch the bottom, and it is sandy.  Further out, but I will purchase new bikes for us next, to replace those lost in the accident.

But all this winter I can now get out, go walking, enjoy the outdoors again.  The freedom this car gets me is more than just about getting me from A-B.  It is about being able to get to A or B if I choose to do so.  There is a huge difference.  When you rely on others to take you places it is not the same, when you can go whenever you wish, it is much better.  I can take my son to the indoor slides when we wish, or go on a road trip together just because.

The 1 thing I learned from this accident and not driving for so long.  I hate being a passenger. I am not a good one at all.  I trust my driving skills over anybody but a couple of my friends, highly skilled rally car drivers.  I trust them even more, I have seen them race and been in car during their race events, I am not in their league, close enough, better than most of you, but not that as skilled as them.

I may be missing this winter race season, but I think I am gaining a lot just being able to drive again, be able to go out, to have freedom again from the confines of my 4 walls.

I feel I am really starting to live again. I yearn to test myself further.



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