Being Yourself

I think for myself that being me, every aspect of me is vital to my health these days.  This sometimes is not a pretty thing, not as pretty as I am anyways 🙂

I think with this post today I am going to do a slightly different thing, I will share more of who I am, and who my son is.  The most important people in my life.

Never having done this before I may mess this up good, but this project is for me anyways, so it is all good whether you like it or not.

The above picture are of Aidan and myself playing at the Library, we love going there after the swimming, that is the one with us lying on the floor looking up.  The picture with Aidan with his head on my shoulder is on a hike in Bronte Provincial Park.  The Bike helmuts picture is a separate biking trip into Bronte, we have spent a lot of time there.  Nice place to kiss a pretty girl as well.  The picture of me stealing my kids ice cream is at Earl Rowe Provincial Park, around Alliston. Not a very nice Park I am sorry to say, it could be but the geese ruin it.

Top left is the Hancock Nursery that is no longer open, but getting turned into a park, Aidan and I love going there, it should be open in another year I guess.  Yes, Aidan found a coconut in the woods, it is now in our home with all our other found relics of our time together.  The beautiful lady with me below that is a woman I love dearly but just can’t be together right now, very tough for both of us.  And yeah, the big picture is me just being a goof.  Just because it makes both my son and myself laugh, and that is a cure for a lot of health problems, and why we do so much of it.

I find being myself at all times is far more healthy for everybody in my life.  I am happier, I make those around me happier, and this is good is it not?  I find that if I keep nothing inside, leave nothing unsaid, something silly not done, any anger harboured, anything negative it just makes me extremely sick. Ancy is what Christine would say.

There is a lot of truth in that, and she is a wise woman.  This is why I like to post on my blog so often and so eclectically. I just write whatever comes into my mind, I clear it so I can sleep well and try to get some rest.  I am usually in bed 8-10 hours a night and never find myself rested.  That is the pain spanking me, I must have been a bad boy.

Did I tell you I am a really good cook?  Man, I cook, I clean, take care of children well, fantastic lover, I am full of surprises.  So the Shepards pie I made was when Christine was in Malaysia, I sent her the pictures and a video of me eating it, the name has great meaning, I just can’t tell you folks yet why. The camping picture is when I was in The Pineries, a fantastic campground, I spent a week camping by myself. My son dressed as Spiderman on the monkey bars, I started him doing the monkey bars when he was 6 months old.  Now at 6.5 years old he can do things only trained gymnasts can do, I had him in Mississauga Gymnastics but the cost got to be too high for my disability pension.  And the last picture was me being silly again with my son at a restaurant.

Not only do I do everything I am telling you I do, I do it to my very best abilities.  I have Aidan doing the exact same things.  I allow him to go to school in the Spiderman costume, shirts on backwards, different socks, whatever he wants.  Neither of us will be lemmings, we do what we like.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t allow total chaos, he has had to earn everything he has.  If he can tell me why he wants to do something and it makes sense he gets the green light to do it.  If his plans need to be tweaked, they are. The funny thing is now it is my son telling me to stop and do less.  He is worried I will further hurt myself, I see his point and do slow it down so I can function the next day.

Well, me in the hospital for something, I think this one was my concussion but I spend so much time in hospitals I am no longer certain.  I am trying to purchase either stock options or frequent flyer points, so far my requests have been ignored.  Aidan on the Monkey bars again, he now is able to get on them himself, he climbs up, swings a few circuits then climbs onto the main rail and climbs over to the zip line where we play trash, a game he adores. Aidan in the creek I played in as a child, full circle.  We spend a huge amount of time there in the summer, and this winter we will begin his winter survival training.  We are both looking forward to this adventure this year.  I never thought my phone could do live actions shots, but I got a good one of Aidan jumping from post to post at the Hancock Nursery/park to be.
We spend hours in there, and I have him doing mental math questions in French and English while he runs around playing.  He will make a great man one day without a doubt.

Well I am nearing 1k in words now, so time to wrap things up.  I hope to find the pictures on my computer to share more, but I am a computer idiot and started a project before the concussion, and now can’t remember where I put them.  Sigh, not urgent, just annoying.

Ok, try being yourself.  Quit being somebody you are not.  I have found that just being me is good enough.  I have no memory to pretend to be anybody else, and unclogging my mind of all garbage is urgent.  So just being myself has been a hell of a boon.  It is good I have a young son, or people may think I am a bit nuts.  I will tell more another post.


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