I was a married father for 4 years and have been a single father now going on 3 years.  In the nearly 7 years  Aidan has been alive, we have never once had a play date with another child.  Not once.  The person hurt here is not even 7 yet.

I was a member of the Ontario Early Years Learning Center.  I took Aidan there every day, I loved the place but in many ways found it hard to handle.  I watched mother after mother join up, and have play dates within the first week of being there.  In the 4 was there I did not have 1.

The couple times my now ex wife took Aidan, she was invited to play dates.  Go figure.  Discrimination is not just against blacks, browns or women.  Personally I think the most discriminated group out there is the disabled white males.

3 years now Aidan has been in school.  Again not once have we been invited to do anything outside of class with another parent, male or female, not a single birthday party have we been invited to.  Who is getting hurt here?  My son.

I have faced so much discrimination at the school I no longer even open the mail they send me, just toss  it in the garbage.  Aidan’s first year teacher used to push him out the door without his winter cloths even on him, -30.  Dad is here and they never wanted to talk with me.  She ended up getting fired as I got so angry.

This year in grade 1 we just had the parent teacher interview.  My ex and I went together and I took Aidan so he could understand the process.  During the interview the teacher ignored me totally, would not look at me, would not answer a single question I had.  Spoke only to my ex a female.

I decided to hold my own interview with Aidan.  I made sure everybody heard me as well.  I told him that this is discrimination against men, and if this is what he is facing in class and why he is getting into trouble he is allowed to do anything he wishes.  If he got into trouble he was to just tell me and I would handle it fully.  I told him this is totally unacceptable and against the law.  Yet nobody wishes to get involved, the union would never allow it.

I learned just the other day I was not the only man to face this issue with the same teacher.  The Peel Board of Education has done a terrible job with their teachers, but I guess each board has things like this teaching our children, at least they got rid of the principal of the school.

I am sad about this simply because my son is so highly intelligent that even now just 4 months into his French program he is correcting the teacher on her pronunciation. I have been teaching him French for years now.  Plus Spanish, math, history, public speaking and anything else you could imagine.  He is allowed to correct anybody at anytime as long as he is polite doing so.  I test him on a regular basis to see if he is doing this.  I give him the wrong information and see if he will tell me I am wrong or not, he does.

Even my family Doctor discriminates against me.  He is fully aware I have a full disability pension from the government, he had to sign off on the papers.  Yet he still denies me the ability to get further help saying you are not that bad.  You can walk in here, so how bad can you be.  Imagine telling somebody this?  I have been refused over and over again the medical treatments I desire, and get told take these potent painkillers instead.

I ended up in intensive care near death due to the fact my body totally rejected them.  To this day, nearly 3 years later I still can’t get the help  I need.  I suffer so greatly nearly everybody  has walked away, turned their backs on me.  Yet all I need is the help I have requested, yet denied me.  Others can get the help, just not me.

The Ontario Disability Support Program caused me so many problems and has caused untold damage to me I am taking them to the Human Rights Tribunal.  I got cut off and not even told for over 6 months, not a mail, a returned phone call, nothing.

This has hurt me in many ways terribly, and of course hurts my son in the trickle down.  He was forced to even go once to be seen, to hear the abuse thrown in my face in person, with my son sitting right there.

I get discriminated against by other disabled people as well.  I get screamed at when I exit my car.  I get run over by people in their electric wheelchairs because I could not move fast enough out of their way.  ” Hey you bastard, can’t you see I am disabled, get out of my way.”  Yup, but so am I buddy.  Mine is just hidden.  I can’t even use a cane to walk with because the damage is so extensive.  Props help it seems, people love props.

Even my friends refuse to understand the pain they cause me.  Their jokes, laughter at my expense.  “Oh Dude, I have the worst back in the world, and I can ride a motorcycle, no reason you can’t.”

If I was any colour but white, any sex but male, even if I carried a cane I may be more accepted as disabled.  I refuse, I fight, I work hard each and every day to walk, to play with my son, to live as normal a life as I can.  I sit alone at night crying in pain, I suffer in silence ignored by the world in general.  Forgotten, uncared for.

I do my very best to never allow Aidan to see my pain, and I mean the pain caused by those that intentionally hurt me, the discrimination.  He knows my physical pain, he has seen it first hand.  He has lived with it all his life.  But I never except that once at school this year tell him how much the people around us hurt me.

I teach him to accept everybody, help everybody, no matter what.  We are all equal, there should be no discrimination based off of sex, colour, who you love, what level of education you acquired.  Nothing.

Yet there is, and I see nothing being done about it unless you are a woman, a person of any colour but white, love your own sex, if you are a white straight male that is disabled, you are just fucked!!  Pardon my language.





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