Act Of Kindness, Thank You

I am writing this simply because I have no idea who was so kind to my son and myself to sign him up for the Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund.  As I have no idea who to thank for this, I will post here and hope that they read my blog.

I was stunned about 30 minutes ago when I got a call on my phone telling me the Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund was dropping off a gift for Aidan.  I knew I had totally forgotten to sign him up this year.

Yet another thing Dad has forgotten to do with my Traumatic Brain Injury.  I must admit everything I do now is a huge struggle.  No longer is raising my son easy.  This is yet another example of how I am messing things up.

I started to cry with the volunteers here I was so stunned.  This may be one of the best Christmas days in his short life.  Not because he is getting a bunch of gifts, he isn’t.  Simply because of a simple act of kindness we have both learned a valuable lesson in life.

He has now learned first hand how doing small things for others can bring such happiness.  I think this is far more valuable than any gift he can ever get.  The gift I got was actually knowing others do actually care what happens to us.

Christmas is indeed a time to give, and we are the ones getting this year.  For a change I am having a very difficult time actually getting words out.

There is no real need for me to know who signed Aidan up for this, simply knowing that somebody cared enough to do this for us both is more than enough.

I really hope that this person is a reader of my blog, only a few people that know me know I am actually doing this yet.  So if you are one of those few, thank you so much.  You have made this year a little easier for me to bare.

I think I will stop writing now, as I am on the verge of crying again in happiness.  Plus Aidan really wants the computer back.

So again, thank you to my mystery person for your act of kindness.  You have given Aidan something I am not able to do this year, a nice gift for the Christmas tree.  You have also given me a new view on others as I must admit of late my view on people has been rather jaded.

An early Merry Christmas to all of you that read my blog, and remember that the smallest acts of kindness can really change a person’s life.


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