Scotiabank Warning To You All

As many of you know I am a very injured person.  Not only do I collect the Canada Pension Plan Disability for my injuries, I am suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury as well on top of everything.

Now I say this again to tell you a story and give you a warning.

In the summer I had been away on a vacation for a while, it seems I had not made a payment on my credit card.  So instead of Scotiabank calling me to let me know there is a problem they cancel my credit card.

Now this could have caused me some major issues if I had not been on my way home at the time and had filled up my gas tank one last time, lucky me.

Once I learned of this, and I can assure you it cost me a lot of money I do not have, I fixed the problem.  I went to my home branch with my girlfriend and got them to put on automatic minimum payments on everything just in case.

I figured this was the end of my issues, man was I wrong.

I got into my car accident in early August as many of you know.  What many of you may not know is I just got back to living in my place this past week with my son.  I was not getting mail on a regular basis but I was not worried as we had set everything up to get the minimum balances paid on everything until I can get around to fully paying my bills.  I did so every month or so.

I was never near my credit limits in any way shape or form, my cards all paid off once I could get around to getting to the bank.  As I have no memory I can’t even remember the passwords that have been set up on any of my accounts.

Ok, to what has happened and my warning to anybody that thinks they set up the minimum automatic payments.

I got a letter in the mail this week from Certas Direct telling me basically I am a bum, I don’t pay my bills and they plan on cancelling my insurance due to the fact my 21.50$ payment was rejected.

I said to myself this is impossible, as I had set up through the bank teller a payment system to have this never happen again.

The weak link in the chain it seems is Scotiabank never set this up for me, even though I had signed off on everything to make it happen.

Now I have a battle ongoing with a bank I have been a member of for over 40 years. I have sent an email to the Office of the President in complaint.  My grandfather was a relieving manager for Scotiabank all his working life and this is exactly who he had told me to complain to.

I will post on how this is going for you to know more, just in case anybody else has this issue with their banks.

Please people, if you think you have automatic payments set up, make certain you actually do.  As I thought I had this all taken care of long ago, and with my brain problems and no memory this is a must for me.  Maybe some of you have the same issues and also think you are protected.

This put a huge damper on my time with my son as it just played around in the back of my mind.

I got the call from Scotiabank this morning to kindly let me know this was all my fault.  You never set this up sir, we are sorry.  The only problem is, my girlfriend WAS there, she helped me to set this all up.  I signed all the papers at the bank.  Somebody just neglected to do their jobs and I am now paying the price.

Certas waived the 30$ charge for me, that was kind of them.  But the problem is now I can’t trust my bank.  They have proven themselves to be incompetent.

How do I know at this point they are doing anything properly?

How do you know they are for your accounts?

So let this be a warning to you all.  Check what your banks have said they have done for you.  They are ripping you off with all their fees already.  Now it seems they are ripping me off with charges for late payments when in fact they did not do their jobs properly in the first place.

Sadly for me this is not something I can just let go of.  As a part on my brain injury this is going to haunt me for a very long time.  I am highly agitated at the moment and expect this to be the case for a couple of days really.

I now know I am going to be forced to go over everything the bank had done or said they have done for me to just make certain it in fact had been completed.

I certainly do not need this now in my life, anything that causes me any sort of stress like this makes my head pound.  This is what is going on now.  My head feels like it is about to explode.

Merry Christmas Scotiabank, enjoy all the money you people have stolen from me over the years in your fees.  I am glad your bottom line is more important than your customers needs.

Just remember, there are other options out there, and my money situation won’t be so dire forever.  When I have this all fixed up, I certainly plan on yanking my accounts and going elsewhere.


2 thoughts on “Scotiabank Warning To You All

  1. Corporation: An ingenious device for obtaining profit without individual responsibility. – Ambrose Bierce
    Not the first time showing such poor customer service and lack of respect from one of Canada’s leading banks who is supposedly dedicated to serving their customers according to their corporate profile.

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  2. They admitted at my branch just now that they never put the auto payments in place for my visa card or my line of credit. So for 5 months now while I recover my credit has taken a huge hit and I have been punished heavily with extremely high rates of interest. They are in the process of fixing this, but it can never fix what happened between my son and myself this weekend caused by the stress. For this I have demanded a letter of apology from somebody very high up in the corporate side so I can read it to Aidan and explain this was not my fault.


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