What is The Point?

I just got off the phone with my best friend.  We have known each other for over 40 years now.  So we really know each other well, maybe I will post a picture of us on our backpacking trip when I was 18 mentioned in one of my earlier posts.

Backpacking in Europe

I still have nightmares about those shorts and shirt, but it was the 80’s.

Well anyways we were talking about my blog, simply because he really does not get the point of what I am doing.  In so many ways a brilliant guy, but man he just refuses to understand certain concepts or just plain refuses.

He has never understood why I go out hiking almost daily, as I have never stopped doing this if possible.  Much shorter now, and causes a lot more pain.  But I just refuse to stop pushing myself.

I could, I earned it the hard way.

But I refuse to sit and wallow in my pain.  Richard would rather sit and complain about how much he hurts.  As he says, when I hurt, all I want to do i is sit and do nothing.

I asked him if this is what he thinks I should be doing?  Would it make him basically feel better about my complaints about my screaming pain, and head injury related problems.

He kind of felt it would.

I simply asked him if this makes sense to him, why not go out and go hiking, or biking, have a swim, or make love to somebody well that you love, or something else you love but hurts you bad, you have lived.  OR, you could sit around on your ass, do nothing, moan and groan about your pain, being overweight…AND HAVE THE SAME PAIN!!!

I told him I had lost almost 20 years of my life, that cool guy above…ROFL< ok I could not help it, lost those years listening to the Doctors, not doing anything, missing out on so much of my life.  If you have not read my early posts, do it folks, find out about who I am, it is interesting.  I had all that pain,  had no life, I was fat, I looked like crap.  Parkman from Heros, is what Christine says I looked like.

I said I fight each and every day, I push myself, I do things I stopped doing because I hurt too much.  I do everything I can think of to have fun, to enjoy myself, to have a life again.  I go to bed in agony every night, the same damn agony I felt when I did nothing people.

I could either have fun and do stuff, or I could sit on my arse and feel the same way at the end of the day.

The bonus from doing fun stuff is when I did it, my brain fired up and made endorphins, a nice powerful drug your own body makes and it fights pain really well.  You get a break from all that pain and suffering for a while.  Hey, any pain free time counts for some of us.

He thought about it for a bit and said to me, that is highly inspirational.  I said to him, Bingo.

Then of course I went off on a bit of a rant about not overly caring about your sore back if you refuse to fight to get it better.  To put in some effort and have some fun and at least try to do more than sit on the couch and complain.

I felt a bit bad after of course, I am not a total ass, just a bit of one.

Anyhow, that is really the point of all this.  I think I maybe forgot to mention this at times.  I do have a lot of garbage to deal with, and pain to suffer through.  But I really want you all to know is I am doing this while always pushing myself.  Walking in my creek as I did today after our first big winter snowfall.

Sorry Sunshine, check my map my fitness maps, I went up into the hills on my walk today, of course you were right, I did slip and fall once, but I was right as well, I felt great.  I will do the fire next time out and have more care on the trails.

It really was magical, going off onto the old trail, virgin snow, a modern day pathfinder 🙂  It was actually not a bad day, I was hot.  Nice packing snow so the trail was fairly easy for the most part, I got cocky where I fell.



This is the camp in the winter.  I only took a couple pictures as I did not know why my phone shut down on me.  It seems that the new update does not work well with power saving settings, so I now need to figure out how to change that.

But my next time out there I will do a fire and have some lunch I think.  This is the start of my winter enjoyment.  I had wanted to start Aidan out here for the night on a winter camping event.  But not the way I am feeling this year, I will do that when I feel more able to handle an emergency at night.

Wooh tangent time.

I am having a life again, and this is MY thing.  You go do your own thing if you want, just go enjoy yourself.  Trust me, I have felt the same pain both doing nothing and doing the things I love doing.  If I had the upgraded blog thingy that allows video I would show you some of my rally racing.  But I don’t yet, no money for that kind of stuff.

So if you possibly can, get of your butts and get a life going, you will get a break from the pain while doing it and feel no worse once used to it at the end of the day.  You might as well have done something for all the pain you suffer over doing nothing and feeling the exact same.



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