Who Am I?

Just a few quick, summary, points:  I have taken this off one the family websites I belong to, these words were copied and pasted here with the greatest intent.

  • Leod, progenitor of the Clan, lived in the early 1200s.  He was son of Olaf, King of Man & The North Isles, and descended from Norse kings.
  • The surnames MacLeod, McLeod (and variants) are Anglicisation’s of the Gaelic Mac Leòid, meaning “son of Leod”.  Leod comes from the Old Norse, Ljótr, which means “ugly”, or “ugly wolf”.  So the name MacLeod means “son of the ugly”
  • Leod’s two sons, Tormod & Torquil, founded the Clan’s two main branches: MacLeods of MacLeod (or Harris) & of Lewis (or “of the Lewes”).
  • Historically, the MacLeod lands were on the Western Isles of Skye, Lewis, Harris & Raasay and on the NW coast of Scotland (Assynt, Coigeach, Gairloch & Glenelg).
  • Today, the Clan is centred on the Isle of Skye at Dunvegan Castle, the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Great Britain.
  • Chiefs:  For more detail, see the text later in this document.  The Clan is led (since February 12, 2007) by Chief Hugh MacLeod of MacLeod, the 30th Chief of the Clan MacLeod of MacLeod, supported by the Chiefs of the MacLeod’s of Raasay and Lewis, being brothers:
    • (Torquil) Donald MacLeod, Chief of the Lewes, since March 6, 2001
    • John MacLeod, 18th Chief of Raasay, since December 8, 1999
  • Emigration: Many MacLeods emigrated to the world, from the mid-1700s to the late 1800s, due to:
    • Political persecution (particularly the British purges of Highlanders following Culloden in 1746);
    • Economic hardship, arising from:
      • The Clearances (forced tenant farmers out, about 1762 through 1850); and
      • The potato famines (about 1846 – 1857), which were also hitting Ireland;
    • Work and land opportunities elsewhere, in the Commonwealth and Continental Europe
    • Foreign military service, which, at that time, was a “profession”.
  • Foreign Successes: The MacLeods, like many Scots, excelled in their new countries, for at least three reasons:
    • They had come from a poor and often harsh environment (quite common for many immigrant groups), which equipped them to handle the rigours of the “New World”.
    • They spoke English (as well as, in many cases, Gaelic), making them, at least within the British Empire colonies, better able to adapt, and
    • Maybe most importantly, most were literate, making them valuable employees.
  • Education may have been the biggest factor in their success.  Starting from 1561, led by John Knox (Knox Presbyterianism), steps began towards a system of universal education in Scotland (Knox believed that if everyone could read their Bibles, they could be better Christians – but of course, they could read everything else as well).  By 1616 education in Scotland was mandated by legislation, backed by tax supported funding by 1633.  By 1700, a big part of Scotland was literate and Scotland’s education system had been developed well ahead of England or most other European countries. (School was attended six days a week for ten to twelve hours a day!).

This is my ancestory.  This is who I come from, this is the the family Motto that I live by and teach my son to live by, or try, lol he is only 6 still.

Who Am I?


The father that raised his son from birth.  Put in the 80 hour weeks, I changed almost all the diapers, I stayed up when Aidan was sick for days on end.  I played with him non stop, talked to him, taught him sign language at 6 months old so he could better tell me what he wanted.  Put French on in the backgraound so he could absorb the language, my methods, my parenting concepts, my overal view on how this remarkable child will be raised.

I did all this while figthing horrific pain, suffering a great amount of discrimination, figthing legal battles for creating my disability.  Legal battles for my son when my soon to be ex wife decided she did not want to be married to me anymore.

I did this and lost 60 lbs of weight.  Got back to actually being who I am, and not what others wanted me to be.  I got back to living.  Now I am figthing with everything I have to teach my son everything I can remember now. Before it too may go poof and be forgotten.  To get back to being in the outdoors, and for me I mean the hill trails, the old trail, the places most people no longer walk, some mountain bikers are in here, riding the trail I rode when I was a young god.

Who Am I?


The guy that is in the hospital so often that it seems they know me by my first name now.  I learned years ago to just set my own broken fingers and toes.  Minor bone breaks, it saved so much time.  Hospitals as you know are slow.

Man even in the hospitals, plural there if you missed that.  I had my sense of humour, this probably caused me a lot of problems, as sick people just moan and groan and complain, not crack jokes about anything and everything.


Who Am I?


The guy that can make a fool out of himself for a laugh.  The guy that stands by his word.   I would say I am the guy that does not forget, but I do, ROFL, can’t help that stuff now, 9 concussions I know of, I am sure others I don’t.

I am the guy that is learning to write about who I am, learning to fully fight for what I am worth, for what my son is worth, and share with you and maybe help any of you along the way.

I am the guy the stands out from others in so many ways, the guy that was born in the wrong century.  A guy that will stop at next to nothing to have some fun in my life now.

I am all of the above and more.

Who am I?

I am going to try and tell that as I learn who I am again.



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