The Lair

Christmas this year was a rather quiet affair for me.  I had forgotten to do much of the Christmas things we used to enjoy in the past, but Aidan and I are getting used to this now.  Getting used to the change the constant motion of everything is new.

Hard not to be now, I have almost no memory of my past, the things I loved to do, the things my son and I loved to do and the things Aidan loved especially.  I have forgotten almost everything.

Now many would cry, I do sometimes I admit, this is not easy at all, alone, trying to remember how to raise a child like Aidan.  Suffering through all this a pain many can’t understand, we are getting closer to finding a name for it now we think.  I forget exactly what it is, but trigger point something or another, good enough for now anyways.  But the point to saying this is I have something that may explain all my symptoms over the last 20 some years.  I will wait and see and let you know.

So this leads to the headless rabbit.  As I am now unable to enjoy life the way I really want I am learning to enjoy what is placed in front of me.  Placed in front of me is my desire to watch a group of coyotes that crossed my sons and my path the other week.

I am blessed with living around the lazy.  A group of people so incapable of going outside to play for those that do it leaves virgin snow everywhere.  No human footprints.  Just the animals I wanted to find and see how they live and where they sleep.  It has proven to me to be very interesting.

I have been able to walk into the forest and track down now 3 lairs the coyotes are using.  I have been able to find where they sleep in their 3 spots in all of the lairs.  I was amazed to find 1 main lair and the snow completely trampled down.  A ball they are using to play with partly chewed laying in the middle of this play field.  I could almost see these wild animals tossing the ball in their mouths like young puppies.  Rolling in the snow in their joy.

The second lair I found with my son Aidan as we were out looking for places to build a snow fort in actually was a coyote lair, it seems I think as they did and they beat me to a good spot.  This was a nice sheltered place unlike the first spot.  Deeper into the woods, more brambles and heavy bush surrounding the spot we had all picked.  As my son and I really do not need to have a fort so remote I decided to let the animals use it for their own needs.  But nice nonetheless to have found.

I was able to track the animals to people’s backyards, where they were seen at night unknown they were being seen by wild coyotes in their own backyards.  It really was interesting to see how they moved in and around the area that us humans had taken from them.

The third spot I found them sleeping in was by an old couch, a place the kids of old used to use for fires.  We have found an ancient tree fort as well, so old the wood that has fallen from the trees onto the ground has long rotted away, that left in the trees left hanging as the trees they were nailed into grew up and ripped the wood apart.

But here was this nice little sleeping spot the coyotes had, matted down couch fibre had made nice little beds for them.  I think this one had been used a lot and recently as it had so much matted hair on the ground it looked like a small bear.

So all in the small area my 6 year old son and I play guns, and sword fights.  Hide and seek, and all the other games 2 boys can figure out to play.  Sometimes leaving us covered in mud and dirt.  At least there is nobody to yell at us, I am rather lenient when it comes to dirt around the house.  We are not bad at keeping the place clean either.  We had found 3 spots these 3 coyotes are using to sleep, and play and hunt in.

Oh yes, the headless rabbit.

My last trip into the bush the other day with a young lady that spent Christmas at my place keeping me warm on a cold night.  I was telling her what Aidan and I are up to and she wanted to see for herself.

So off we went.

As we were walking into the main lair as I like to think of it as I was explaining how the only footprints on the ground were mind and Aidan’s.  Nobody else even goes into this area of the bush.  Once at the spot I showed her the ball the coyotes had been playing with, their sleeping spots and I was showing her the offshoot trails when we came across it.

The first time I had run into these same coyotes was when Aidan and I were crossing their hunting path of some ducks under the bridge we had no choice but to cross to get home.  This time I found a half chewed, half skinned, headless rabbit in the snow.

It was an amazing thing to stand and view.  The dinner of wilds animals hunting in our backyards.  Poor Bugs I thought, out for a midnight snack maybe to be turned into Christmas dinner for 3.  This picture of the dead rabbit is sure burned into my mind, a reminder of what happens when you make big mistakes in life.

It shows you if you are willing to look there is a lot of wildlife all around you.  I am willing to look now, and it is amazing at some of the wildlife I have found on the Toronto border.  Even my normally fearless son is a bit scared now to go into the forest now.  The good news is he stays very close to me which is exactly what I wanted anyways, maybe next summer if my body is well I can start to take him up to bear country.  We shall see. If not I have a lot planned for our creek especially if I get the apartment unit I want on it.  I know I look forward to figuring out how this is all going to work now for me in the future.



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