Court, The Follow Up

Well, I get more court next week.  Just to see if I can get into an anger management program.  But this is a medical issue not anger issue.  So go to trial then or plead guilty, NEXT!

This is not exactly what I expected for sure.  The Duty Counsel did not give a hoot.  Didn’t even care to hear my side of the story at all.  Just wanted this to be over.  Maybe this is because I am charged with domestic assault, to bad that others get judged after the fact, not on just one person’s side, I need to buy a lottery ticket.

Anyways, I did learn that I am to totally stay away from talking or writing to anybody involved in this.  If I knowingly speak with anybody involved I can be hauled into jail, not a nice thought.  Been there once, don’t want it again.  For the sake of my son I really need to make this happen until court has finished with me on this.

I would love to write more, but I am off to get Aidan, he is expecting me at 4pm, so I need to get going.  I wanted to write this now just so I can try and get it off my chest so Aidan can’t tell just how upset I am about this turn of events.  I plan on taking him outside to play to try and burn off some energy.  Maybe go show him the headless rabbit I found in the coyote lair when he was at his mother’s.  He got very upset with me last night when we were talking when I had told him I was out in the woods without him.  He wants that for him and me to do.  Maybe we will bring our swords and shields into the woods today and have Viking Wars, teach him about who his ancestors were.


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