My Day In Court

Today I find out if I am going to have to face the judge on an assault charge stemming from the Battle of the Creek written about somewhere in my ramblings. I would say I am worried but I am not, I am more curious to be honest.

As I don’t feel I did anything wrong I should have no fear, am I right?  Tell the truth and you shall be set free or some such saying.  Where is an ironicbabylawyer when you need one.

I have all my papers in order right now, I am about to get the directions on how to get there.  As I have never been in trouble with the law before this is all kind of new to me.  In fact I think I am the first person in my whole family involved with the law in this manner in over 100 years of being in Canada.  Look at me Ma, top of the world.

I should be honoured to be the first in the family, but I am not, they have not spoken to me in years.  I am just too outspoken, I don’t follow the family mold.  In other words, I refuse to kiss ass for the family money.  So no worries about tarnishing the family that way.

My son is certainly aware of the fight, he was there after all.  In fact I go to pick him up right after court today.  I can then show him the coyote lair I found that had the dead rabbit in it, I wrote about that earlier.  I doubt he will care one way or another what happens today, he just wants dad doing dad things as I used to.  This is where some Christmas Magic would come in handy.

At this point I am actually thinking some magic pot of gold is about the only way I will be able to afford to doing anything soon.  Once the brain starts to function again even semi properly I can think of something for a broken down, no memory, former jock now desk warrior can do to make some money.

I know, become a writer…..

I had hoped that one of my friends would be around to come with me today, but even the one that said not a problem has not called back on this.  I may not be put away for any time today, but it might have been nice to have had somebody be there.  Hey, the good news is, I should forget about this in short order.  I do enjoy finding the silver lining in the world I live in.

So off I will go by myself to face the law.  Should not be a huge issue, I spent over 3 years backpacking around the world.  I have faced near death on multiple occasions all alone in countries that don’t even speak English.  I lived.  I have been felled by an infection that required round the clock care to live, I did.  Oh, I was not in a hospital, 6 traveling nurses took care of me, it always pays to be nice to others, you never know how it will be repaid.  I could go on, I have in many posts about my  life.  The point is, I will live through this day as I have always, and a little more wise in the end.  Win Win all around I think.

So I will wrap this up early today, I actually am finding myself at a loss for words, so maybe doing this writing to de clutter my mind is starting to work.  Anyways, I will I am sure write about what actually happened, so I will continue on then.





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