Family Court Joke

So it seems that when a man gets thrown to the side for another man in Canada the man even though disabled and not allowed to work gets nothing.  I am not even able to support myself in a two bedroom unit, I will be forced to stay here with a child in a 1 bedroom unit.

I am worth after 12 years of marriage 231 dollars a month for 2 years only.  My son gets 450 a month.  I am supposed to pay my share of all his costs.  I can’t pay my rent.  Aidan will not have sports, bikes, trips, new cloths of any sort.

I think if I were a woman the amounts would have been very different.  I highly doubt I will be forced onto the streets in 2 years as I won’t be able to AFFORD RENT HYDRO AND FOOD.

Imagine if you were married to a man that cheats on you with the person that stole your business from you.  Costs you your future, hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Then comes to the hospital with your husbands new girlfriend oh wait, your friend of 27 years, and tells you they are in love and moving in together.  Oh yeah, you are on your own by the way, your cards cut, no access to money at all.

Now after 3 years in court making ends meet somehow, oh yes a line of credit growing by the day.  But I get an offer for 231 dollars and not a cent more for 2 whole years.  Take it or leave it.

I rejected the offer outright and won’t allow another to be seen. I will take my chances with a judge.  I find lawyers only do what is best for them, the easiest way out.  Well not for me and my son.  See you all in court people.

I can’t understand how anybody can buy a person that makes 45k a year, pays only 500 a month in rent is in more financial distress than I am.  I pay double the rent and do not share food costs, or computer costs or anything.  Her heating is all included, they pay nothing more.  How is there any hardship on her part?  I call Bullshit.

I call blatant discrimination in fact.

I will have my day in court, if the judge also agree to this or maybe less I will just be forced to take the govt offer of the right to end your life earlier than expected as I cant live on the street with a child.  I have no intention of living a long life with no home and no child around.  This life I have been given is only worth it with my son in mind, and if I have to give him to that bitch his mother he is not going to be happy.  She has done not one thing to teach him, only buys him toys, lots of money there.

I am in for the fight of my life really now I guess.  I figured I had about 15 years left to live, but it may in fact be much shorter.  I better write more often so I can get everything down.  All I need to do is provide for my son, not worry about money, if I can get that I can make him the happiest child around.


Argh I am done writing now.


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