In the blink of an eye life can change forever.  It takes no time at all to change your way of life, the way you cope the way the world treats you, all can change in the blink of an eye.

This can also change life for the good, not every life altering change is for the bad.  Sometimes just waiting can be a very good thing indeed.  I have written about my issues I have been having and what I am dealing with as I recover from my accident, so you are either all caught up or you have some reading to do if this will make much sense.  But I have had several issues with the the Govt. agency that runs services for people with disabilities, I am being nice right now and not naming them, you can read why.

As you should know I have had all my services cut off, I have no medical coverage, so I can’t get medications, I can’t get dental services, I can’t get my eyes looked at, I can’t get a mobility device I am finding I am starting to really need now.  There is more but hey I am forgetful these days so forgive me.

To say the least life has been a major struggle, I have been losing money every month, not paying bills to juggle money around and looking at a long list of items I still need to replace from the accident Aidan and I will need.  I have been trying to move a must now with a child of Aidan’s age, he needs his own space.  My health has rapidly declined due to stress added on by the actions of others, things I had no control over except being in the right.  Having the moral fortitude to stand up for my rights and not take the abuse any further.  I took my stand as many of you know and took action.

At my last meeting via the phone the cards were laid out on the table as to what each other thought were the issues at hand.  It seemed at that meeting we each had polar opposite ideas on the issues.  This was done so in front of a mediator and recorded for accuracy, on the phone of course again.  Their side presented the idea I was not really honest and I had not told them what was going on and had not provided the information the wanted.  They had cut me off from all my benefits without my knowledge while I was brutally ill a couple Christmas ago. They decided to inform me 6 months later that fact.

I advanced the idea that I had been illegally dealt with under the human rights code of Canada.  I proposed the thought that all my actions were done for my own peace of mind not to steal, I provided a highly detailed timeline of my actions and what I knew to be the truth as I had been told by the Canada Revenue Agency and other Govt groups I was dealing with.  My caseworker had all the ability to grant me everything I had been seeking if she had chosen to.  That was within her powers.  I knew this fully.  She decided to not believe me and began an all out war against me I won’t get into full details now as you will see why soon.  Anyhow, everything I foretold again an ability I have fostered all my life to survive came out as accurate as usual.  I was left totally broke unable to pay my bills and feed myself properly.

This was to be investigated internally and before the big appeals meeting in a couple weeks time I was to hear about what happened and trade some information.  Well imagine my surprise when I spoke with the person in charge of that investigation just yesterday evening end of business day.  Seems my version of the story is kind of the way she sees it,  so much so I have been asked to work with a new caseworker and try to get everything worked out.  The appeal will be on hold for 30 days to get the time to talk.

They wish to settle it seems.

Over a year of being abused by my caseworker is over, it seems both her and her manager have nothing more to do with me.  I do not know nor care if they still have jobs.  My human rights case is still active if I wish and I am still trying to find the strength to fight another battle of right and wrong.  I still need to further it, but my strength has been sapped, I am worn out from battle.  I need rest as well sometimes.  Even my legendary endurance gets drained.

As of right now I am one major battle less on my plate to deal with.  If I can get all this dealt with soon I can finally move forwards on my biggest battle against the Workplace Safety Insurance Board.  This particular battle has raged for 7 years now, but I have no time to deal with in the same manner as my other fights so I had to put it on hold.  Now I get to devote the time it needs as my battle for my son is over now, divorce final now, my Canada Pension Plan Disability taken care of, car accident and brain injury understood now and getting worked on.

For now, one last major battle to win, so far I have won everything I have picked to fight. Choose your battles wise.  IF I can win this last fight I may be set for life.  I may never need to worry about money again.  That would be very nice indeed, the stress will be almost removed fully.  Just the stress left of my health, that I figure I can deal with without all the other stressors in my life.

This has been the last week or so for me, and a good reason why I have not been writing a lot.  In the blink of an eye I have found myself left without much to fight for.  This is a good thing at this point.  I can use the break and some calm time before things ramp up again.

Simply because in the blink of an eye everything may change again.


4 thoughts on “Blink

  1. Keep on fighting …its hard when sick and everything around looks hopeless but your doing it. Sending you positive thoughts and healing light that this last battle will be over soon and you can get on with looking after your son xx

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  2. Hey you, thank you. I know things will get going soon with it, I would expect this last battle to last most of the rest of my life. The payoff will be for Aidan and hopefully his future. Sadly i have seen cases dragged out for decades hoping the complainer or me this time will die first…..but battle I will


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