The Mind Bomb

You spend the first several years of your life learning almost everything you will need to know the rest of your life.  You start learning fast how to control those big ugly things that keep calling themselves mommy and daddy.  They are so tall, so loud, but I am learning my voice and can scream loud as well.  Now go get me food, I am hungry, this thing wrapped around me is all wet, change it, and it stinks as well, now get it OFF ME.

Soon children grow, and they can run fast.  I personally always felt Aidan hid inside the cloths when we went to the mall, a hiding place he found great.  Either that or he was able to run flat out under all the cloths on the racks.  Always funny to watch a child trying to escape, but a good parent knows the exits and has them covered when the stealth runner makes the mistake and shows themselves, a good parent learns to pounce like a big cat and nab they prey, junior in many cases just wanted to play a bit.

Personally I loved when Aidan was a youngster, I never understood other parents talking about the terrible two’s.  Horrific threes….really people?  I loved playing the why game, why this daddy, why that daddy, I never got tired of answering his questions.  I still do today, in both French and Spanish.  Although I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with my son, he is only 6 now and is likely going to far surpass me in languages before the year is finished.  He can add numbers up the the 12 tables, and was stunned to finally understand that by daddy teaching him the numbers the way I have, he can fully understand multiplication.  So I work on the mental side of the maths where he must answer my questions in his head only.  The ex and her parents are teaching him how to do math on paper.

I had Aidan tested of course before he ever started school. I knew he was too smart for regular school, I had raised him myself, so he should be head and shoulders above all other kids his age.  He was of course, that I never doubted.  The fact he was tested at a grade 3 level did surprise me, I had not expected him to be THAT advanced.  But he was, and all the warning I had been given had to be put in place.  The school of course refused to listen to the dad.  First year teacher fired at end of school year..I was not going to allow this person to teach another child in that way without a fight, she lost.

Aidan’s second year of school cost the principal her job.  She decided I was not a parent she wanted around the school.  She did not like my parenting style as it was against her policy.  Shame her policy was not like mine and mine was very much like the school boards she worked for.  She did not get allowed to stay on after her retirement year. But when the school principal allows a 5 years old to spend over an hour in a timeout in the school office when no more than 5 minutes is the allowed amount of time, well, she had to go.  I got her out.

His second year teacher Ms. McCabe was brilliant.  Ms Jones was the early educator and they worked wonders with Aidan.  They saw him as I did, highly intelligent and after talking to me about the whys accepted his way of learning as again I had raised him and learning with me is very fast paced and highly fun.  Not easy by anybody’s standards in fact by most moms standards downright cruel.  My poor son had consequences to his actions.  He had lessons to learn, no learn, no play, simple.  He has chores and has since he was a baby, as a baby his job was taking the mail out of the mailbox, easy job for a 6 month old.  Now at 6 he makes his own breakfast daily, dusts my home, cleans his toys up, sweeps the floors, and throws out the garbage.  He does have other jobs to do, but I usually forget them as I do now.

Now in grade 1 he has another interesting teacher, another one that can’t stand me, refuses to look at me, speak to me, or even answer one of my questions.  At the parent teacher interview she totally ignored me so I held my own father son interview and allowed everybody to hear what I was saying.  Son I said, is this how your are treated by your teacher in class?  You speak and she ignores you?  YEs dad, she really only like the girls, there are only 5 boys and 15 girls in the class, each and every boy is a trouble maker….hmmm, man hater?  Anyways, my son told me this is normal, so again loud enough for everybody to hear me, I told Aidan he can do as he pleases in her class.  If she can ignore you son, pay her no mind at all.  Do as you please and I will back you up 100% son.

Seems my message was heard loud and clear.  Aidan has never had an issues in his teacher’s class since.  Not one peep out of her mouth again.  My son thinks I am some sort of god that can move mountains for him.  I will do nothing to discourage this thinking for now.  I  rather like being the hero for my guy.  Makes me feel 100% useful again.

Well, now my boy needs to learn about the mind bombs that have gone off in daddy’s head.  Nothing works the way it used to.  Never likely will.  I had Janice my occupational therapist to my home today.  She brought her bodyguard to make sure she was able to keep her hands off me, I am a hunk afterall.  Just kidding, she may read this and I don’t want to embarrass her.  That is not the point at all.  but being at my home she was better able to see who I am and what I need from my brain recovery.  She was allowed to watch some of my rally events.  I only picked 2 for her to see, but it was enough the first run was a day run me leading.  120+kms on a winding twisty dangerous road that was of course solid ice with a 30kms speed limit posted, oops.  Rally driving at its finest.  That got her rather excited of course, but it really was the second video I wanted to her see.  That was the night run.  Same roads but in pitch the end of the run, both of the OT’s were sitting on the edges of their chairs excited.

Now they understand how upset I am with my brain injury, the mind bomb blew everything apart in there.  I can’t drive anymore except for taking the lad to school and do groceries.  My son has surpassed me in languages now as mine are gone, in that part of the brain that no longer works.  As I think in time more and more of my body will fall under.

If I live long enough to see my son turn 18 in 12 more years I will be stunned.  I may not like me by then, I may have no ability to walk, shower , cook, maybe even be in diapers.

Be careful of the mind bombs, when one goes off in your head, it is truly amazing the damage it can cause.  I may get lucky and have my son able to care for me, but it is not what I want for him.  His life will never be about taking care of me.

Hey I am not writing more now, thanks for reading, come back for more please.


5 thoughts on “The Mind Bomb

  1. I started this concept when he was first born. I played anything on the computer in any language but English. French and Spanish were the easiest to find so really went with tme. But it has paid off heavily, he fully understands both languages now, but has a hard time speaking Spanish simply because my brain now refuses to make the change and I now speak both at the same time, makes it hard t understand me now…


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