The Final Chance Ever.

To those that want to share a life with me, heed this final warning to you all.  I am no longer going to put up with your garbage.  I will no longer accept being hung up on so you can go pick up your son from school when he has a bus to ride.  I will no longer accept getting a text many hours after the fact saying, I am going to bed, talk another day.


This is how I am going to handle this garbage now.  Your calls are on ignore, I don’t hear your texts anymore.  I will call you only when my son is not with me.

You have blown your very last chance with me with your antics, you do not wish to listen, hear your own cries of loneliness instead.  My ears are closed now.  I no longer care.  You have picked and I have made my choices.

I told you before I felt you were not material I want to spend the rest of my life with.  Your actions of late again show you do not either want to spend a lifetime with me.  Fair enough.

But I will no longer sit around waiting to talk, that is done.  If I have anything to do for my son I will totally ignore you until he has left back to his mother’s.  I get Aidan 2 weeks a month, your son is with you 7 days a week.  I am the one forced to budge so your darling son has no issues.  Ok, fair.  The counter to your actions is this though.  Neither myself nor my son will ever go out of our way for you or your son again.

My suggestion is, go find another man to deal with your shit.  I now will just ignore you as you do me and my son.  There will no longer be any doing things so your JR feels more at ease, forget him, only my son counts to me.  Only my boys needs, and my needs.  You have given up all your rights with us.

The next time you want to talk or hear my voice or share my comforts.  Send in a request form stating the time you are looking for, the actions you wish to have done and just how this can possible benefit me.  I say this simple because I do not need you anymore to find a bed partner.  So unless you can convince me to play, I am out.  I am not a whore to be brought over when you want some love.  I won’t be that whore.

You are getting paid to help me with paperwork.  That is it, your are basically just staff to me now.  I just no longer want to deal with a person that refuses to learn.

So for me this is the last time I will write here about you sunshine.  After this post you no longer exist in my writing world.  This will be only about my son and myself as you do not wish to be a part of our lives, you can stay out.  For good.

I have tried over and over.  I took the courts on the chin for you, and I still get treated like shit.  Fair enough.  We are over.  There is nothing left.  friends to help on occasion only, once in awhile get together.  But I do not think I ever wish to make plans with you and your son again.  You two enjoy camping together, my son and I won’t be there with you.

I have not seen enough from you nor do I expect to see any trying again.  You are not capable of change.

Short work today, thank you for reading, most of my work is not this blunt, but I am tired of a certain way I am treated, and will no longer accept any excuse as I have been abused enough by people proclaiming to love me.


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