Scouts Start Today

Today is the day that Aidan starts his Scouts journey.  I am thrilled that this is going to start now, I went through the program over forty years ago and Aidan’s journey begins tonight.  We hope.  Today we have a freezing rain storm, all school busses are cancelled, the major part of the storm is set to hit a couple hours before Scouts start so just enough time to put a good layer of ice on the roads.

So now we have to wait to see if the program will be cancelled or run.  I can hear the wind howling outside as I write at my desk.  After I finish writing I am going out to walk to the market to buy some chicken for a stir fry.  I will take the forest path along the creek, the place where Aidan and I encountered the three coyotes a month or so back during a major snowstorm. I can see first hand early how the weather really is, I have never understood how the people that predict weather still hold jobs, 95% wrong, and still get the big bucks.  Wish I had that protection when I was working.

I have my brain physiotherapy later this afternoon my times were changed on me, not to my liking but it is life.  I will walk to that as well during the height of the storm, that will give me a really good idea how bad the ice build up will be.  They may salt the roads, but they won’t the sidewalks.  This will be a huge test for my brain to be honest, some of the stuff I do at home makes Aidan laugh at how easy it is, but for me it causes major headaches, nausea at times and causes me to lose my balance. So this will be a totally live action test.

All through this day I also get to think about driving in this storm if Scouts is a go.  Normally I would love this, my rally driving days are over for now, and I am kind of nervous of driving in bad conditions.  This will make you laugh I think especially once I get my youtube site going where I have been told last night I can link up my videos to that site so you can all see the action as I have been describing.  I have hundreds if not thousands of videos of Aidan and myself from the past, some are downright scary.  Anyways, it seems it is possible for me to finally show this as I have said I wanted to do.

Well I have some really good video of me driving some back roads on about a six inch layer of snow and ice doing 100+ kms, some astonishing video and more so when you see it at night.  But that was before getting T-boned and the Traumatic Brain Injury, post concussion syndrome, and of course the screaming pain that never leaves my side.  I am totally unable to take any medication that can help, I am allergic to virtually everything man made.

Now I am sure from what I think is my past experience I am going to be perfectly fine once the car is in motion.  I may not drift anymore, no more jumps or hairpin turns using a handbrake. but I think I can handle picking up my son and ex wife and taking us all to his first day of Scouts.  I think this will be very special for him, and I can’t allow my groundless fears and self doubts ruin his day, as long as it is running , I need to get him there.  That is my duty as long as it is safe to do so.

Well, I think I have a busy day ahead, certainly a long day, with the amount of breaks I will need I am thinking I am running out of time already.  To make matters worse, I am suffering from symptoms already and will be forced to shut myself down for a while to try and clear the headache away, otherwise this day will be rather gruelling indeed.  I have begun my stretching routine, that is a couple hours as well all blended in with everything else I am forced to do as a single parent that is disabled and learning to live again while raising an exceptional child.

Thank you so much for all your likes and comments, I am so pleased to say I have just hit 1000+ views and I am thrilled.  I really do not remember what I thought when I started all this a few months ago, but as of me writing this right now, I can say I am fairly proud of myself and how much I have adapted to this new challenging way of life.  I would again really like to say thank you for all of your time and encouragement in Aidan’s and my journey.  Have a fun day.


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