Cognitive Overload

Some of you may notice but most will not have but I have not written in the last couple of months.  I have been shut down by my brain therapist fully.  Sworn to silence at home with my son and everywhere else.  So this is the first time I have even looked at my site since the order was given.

Today I have something short I will share as this is the type of thing that just gets under my skin and stirs my battle juices.  Plus my mind is just no longer able to accept this type of situation quietly anymore.

In February when the shut down order was given I had contacted the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada to book a special event for my son, myself and my very complicated girlfriend’s son who also shares a birthday with my own son.  I had explained to them the situation I faced and asked them for help in making my sons Birthday this year a special event as he has missed this last year due to the extent of my injuries.

They said sure thing, we can make this work for you, contact us and we will do what we can to help out.  I thought great, this is taken care of, I can now focus on recovery.

Now I have contacted the Great Wolf Lodge to give them the day I was able to come up with as the trip is highly complicated as they were made aware of.  They have notified me that the day in question is a busy day (Thursday June 8th ) and they can only give the high end rates or we could move the months of planning, months of brutal recovery, months of my son suffering and watching me suffer, to another day when it will cost them less money to help me out.

This is a Family Water Park, they stress the focus on family.  In fact it is screw the family, screw the injured, screw the disabled, screw the children that were told their months of suffering will be worth it in the end as you have been told you will be able to go.

The almighty bottom line strikes again ala the Airline that bumps Doctors by dragging them off planes, Air Canada that bumps a child off a year in planning vacation as they over booked.

Corporate greed in full swing.

The 1% taking further from those with nothing.

As the Great Wolf Lodge would say, have a Great Wolf Day, and we will as another water park has stepped up and taken care of us to the best of their ability.  I now have to walk across a road to get to the park we are going to, but at least the children will have their trip on their birthdays. I have to say thank you to my very complicated Girlfriend for her help on making this happen, as without her taking over and making the effort to contact others parks the trip would not have taken off.

A father’s work is just never done.


12 thoughts on “Cognitive Overload

  1. It can even be hard to find individual employees who will step up and make the effort to help customers. I am glad that your family will have the trip and found a proprietor to accommodate your needs. It shouldn’t have to be so hard!

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    1. I have missed posting and sadly things failed. I have now given up on further recovery with the brain. I will now have to make do with what i have left. I am just starting to wind my mind up again and finding things very hard to take.


      1. ROFL any more pain and I am done for, anything further breaks I doubt I could manage it. Trust me when I tell you, yours and only a couple other people that talk to me mean much so your words are pure kind to me.


  2. I too have missed your posts. Oh that irks me when places do that. No compassion no care. Some staff are like robots and would not even pass your information over to a manager. If i lived over there I would avoid that place like the plague. Please know you don’t have to reply to this. I understand in a small way how a brain that isn’t working can be so tiring xx

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  3. I took that up to the directors level and they ignored me, another waterpark in Niagara Falls has set us up, I will post some stuff on my FB and tag GWL all I can do now. I am only just starting to write at all, cant get Govt support for 10 more months, I am doomed to a terrible life until then.


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