401 Toronto Scouts Troop

My son has started his journey in the Scouts program.  He is the 4th generation to have done so.  My grandfather started back in Scotland I guess before the true Scouts program began, but the exact same concept none the less.   The point of this is to show we are a true Scouts family.  Multiple generations all involved with the same program to teach young boys and now young girls the important life lessons and values that a true Scout holds dear.

At least that was what I had hoped to do when I enrolled Aidan into the start point Beavers this year, Troop 401 of Toronto.  We live right on the Toronto Mississauga border so this was a choice because of the times only.  My ex wife lives in that area, and I will be moving there in the next year, so making this ideal for all.

Now as many of you may know, I have been disabled since 2009, an accumulation of 25 years worth of horrific injuries all catching up with me and rendering me unable to do much of anything anymore.  In August of 2016 my son Aidan and I got  t-boned and I have suffered terribly since with a Traumatic Brain Injury that has left me with virtually no memories of who I am, who my son is and more importantly, a hair trigger temper I never had before.  Never mind the new pain levels that have left me throwing up with pain and passing out.

Since this last accident I have learned to walk again, learned who my son is again, learned who I am again, I am still learning to control my temper, I now stay indoors by myself unless I have somebody with me, or I am in a nature setting.

Aidan asked me to join him for his first Scouts outing, a shore line clean up.  I love my Scouts, and I love my nature, I said sure.  How could things go wrong, it is a Boy Scout event, safe, pain I can deal with.

It takes me nearly an hour now to get dressed, this was a cold spring day in Canada, so many layers and my North Face outerwear the outfit that has a total cost to me of nearly 2500$.  I spend more on my outdoor gear than I do on my car.  Now the total time it took me to get there was 2 hours, I got to the public park a little early so I could get the parking spot I needed.  I know the park well, I have taken Aidan there since he was a toddler, I knew where the cleanup would take place as I am smart, with the amount of time expected I knew I could not walk much once the program finished.

Now Aidan shows up and we go off to play as we have always done at this park.  We were early, so where was the harm, right?  One of the Scout leaders comes over and tells me to move my car.

I asked him if he was actually talking to me, the owner of the car parked with the handicap parking pass plastered all over the front window of my car.  HE actually said he was.  Told me I was in the Scouts way and needed to move the car right away.  I explained first off I am disabled and the have a right to park anywhere I need, this is a public park, and ummm, I am DISABLED!!

Now when I was young, and my father was young and grandfather the same, all young men going through the Scouts program we dropped what we had in our hands to help those  in need.  Helped the little old ladies across the road, took groceries to their cars.  We never once told somebody in need to get out of our way.  Never once told anybody in need we are a pain and want us to leave.

Now with smartphones and the ability to capture these idiots in action shows how the Scouts program has changed so much.  After the confrontation with the Scout leader that left me unable to walk, shaking so bad I was forced to go home and stay off my legs.  Yes, I had to leave my son who watched all in horror, his friends in the program, all watching this in horror.  I now have the tail end of this confrontation and once I figure out how this works will post on Youtube.

Why?  I am supposed to love my Scouts.  Well I do, but the Scouts of today are not the Scouts of yesteryear. I reached out to Scouts Canada.  Spoke with their top directors about what happened, the same day the incident took place even.  I was told that they are in shock, this could not have happened, and they are sorry.  They will have the 401 Toronto Troop leadership apologize to Aidan in person and to me in writing as I plan on framing this and putting it up on my walls with all the others.

3 weeks later, tonight in fact being the 4th week since the incident, no apology to Aidan in person, and the letter I got from Scouts Canada has not only my name spelled wrong, but Aidan’s name spelled wrong.  It was not a letter of apology but a letter of excuses as to how this was really my fault and not the Scouts.  They tried to tell me my parked car was a danger to the children, yet their cars parked right beside mine were not.

No, the Scouts of today are a disgrace, when I taught Scuba Diving at the Girl Guides World Jamboree 30 years ago here in Canada I thought it amazing.  The future looked bright, the kids I met amazing, and Scouting’s future looked solid.  Now I will post for all to see just how low the Scouts levels have dropped.  For this I am in shame as this was not my Scouts of my day, but yet another example of the rot society is facing.



2 thoughts on “401 Toronto Scouts Troop

  1. Well the scouts of today are certainly not the Scouts of my time, and my dad said that was watered down from his time. I can’t imagine what the Scouts will be like in Aidan’s childrens time.


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