I now understand fully the violation of being robbed.  This time I am not just talking about my stolen health and mind.  I am talking about being robbed of my possessions.  I have not experienced this kind of anxiety in ages, and this could not have come at a worse time of course, but this is MY life.

I am off to a meeting in a short while to find out about my Human Rights Complaint against the ODSB here in Ontario.  It seems nobody has done anything and I may be out of time.  If so I may explode in outrage, i am worried.  But this time at my meeting for the very first time Dawn will be around, and I hope she will not be duped as I have been into believing people are actually helping me.

I have been trying to get a Human Rights complaint filed for nearly a year now since my accident.  Everybody keeps telling me I am not healthy enough to do anything, my shattered mind needs to be shut down and allowed to rest fully.  I tried in vain to get help.  I begged people to help me.  I have been thrown out of a neurologists office and told basically to fend for myself, in front of my complicated, we were stunned. Everywhere I have turned I have been left to my own to figure out my own health care, I have suffered so much as I get so confused, I am now starting to think this has been the plan, to delay as long as possible.

I am sitting here with my stomach churning in turmoil.  Trying to stay calm when so angry.

Well, I am back from the meeting now, it seems I may be in trouble still, but my reasons are solid, my brain injury may just work out in my favour for a change. From the general thoughts on the meeting I may have a decent chance.  The lawyers are kind of shocked at what I faced, and are saying they will help me the best they can.

If all I have left to do in my life is fight garbage like this and raise my son, I think i will be doing ok by me.  This cant seem like a terrible job.  If I have some sort of enjoyment for myself, i can do this.  I get to play with my son for a week on, and rest and deal with garbage a week off from my love, and that is my son.


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